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About Healing Hearts Hawaii

Healing Hearts Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are an outreach with a vision to help the community by providing a place of education and healing through farming, music and the Arts. Our goal is to become self sustainable and be able to provide food, both spiritually and physically to our community.


Healing Hearts Hawaii will be an outreach food producer and food distributor for the island of Hawaii giving to families in need.


The site is situated on 5 acres in Kohala Estates and has a park-like setting with walking trails for teaching.

We will educate families and children who wish to learn hands-on the art of farming and teach them the importance and principles of planting and harvesting to help transform the communities in which they live.

The entire facility operations will be self-sustainable using solar generated power.


Our Mission

Our goal is to establish a working model farm producing sustainable food in a healing environment for others to envision their own community transformation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the instrument for community transformation by providing a healing and self-sustainable environment that uses arts, education and farming as a way to heal hearts and communities.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Healing Hearts Foundation was birthed out of a “normal” real estate investment purchase that God himself had his hand on the plan. What began as a profitable real estate adventure soon turned into a much bigger and challenging journey.

The more the Genco’s labored on their newly purchased property, they began to see wonders of God’s creation from the incredible oceanfront with whales playing in the nearby beautiful ocean to the sunsets and harvest moons. One day God clearly spoke to Diane as she was planting some trees along the frontage He said to her “when do you think you could ever have this again?” This question kept repeating itself over and over in her mind day after day and then one night she had a dream that came with a clear vision.

In the dream, she was standing in front of a market, the door was open and it was dark inside – no power – the floor was flooded from the refrigerated equipment draining and there were flies flying in and out. There was no food except for a few rotten potatoes and onion on the shelf. When she awoke from the dream God told her she would be feeding many people food from that property and by his spirit they will be changed because there will be a famine to come and to prepare.


As a child Diane can relate to having a close relationship with God having being a child of divorce and external challenge. It was only by the Grace of God that she was nurtured by God Himself and his creation that inspired her to discover God’s wonders and he has blessed her along the way with the gifts of art, music, farming and animal nurturing. With these tools and by God’s Spirit, lives are transformed just as hers was.  Today she is giving back what God has so richly blessed her with by providing a peaceful and beautiful environment of healing and nurturing for those who are searching for that plan and purpose that God has freely given.

From that moment on she has dedicated the land and her devotion to this vision into the hands and will of God. He has counseled her along the way and is making the provisions just a he orders. “It has been amazing to watch the power of God manifest on this project. I have witnessed many miracles, signs and wonders of God’s presence here and on this land. He has made me a faithful ambassador over this vision and I have kept my promise to move on his direction”.

Healing Heart’s Team

Gary Genco


Diane Genco


Howard Burdett

Technical Engineer & Documentographer

Cooper Thompson

Groundkeepers, Building/Construction & Videography

Anna Thompson

Groundkeepers, Building/Construction & Videography

Wayne Santos

Construction Consultant & Singer-songwriter

Georgia Santos

Grant Writer

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All funds raised go to help Children and Families in need in our community

Thanks to the generous efforts of our volunteers and sponsors, 100% of your donation goes directly to children and families in need through our programs. There are many ways to contribute and all of them help us heal the hearts and save the lives of many.


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If you are passionate about helping children and families in need, we’d love to have your help! Fill out the contact form and let us know how you want to help.




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